Upcoming Workshops

STEMware: "Serious Games" for Formal and Informal Settings
National Science Teacher Association National Conference
March 13, 2011
Moscone Center 302 11 am - 12 pm

Immerse yourself in a virtual world! Discover the microorganism causing a deadly zombie outbreak. Implement a cure, save the town, and learn important biotechnology concepts.

STEMware 4-H Volunteer Implementation Strategies Workshop

Presented in collaboration with 4H-SET as part of the STEMware project

During this training session, 4H volunteers will learn how to effectively scaffold the STEMware learning simulation’s content and receive supplemental educational resources for effective software implementation in an afterschool context. This session will be held twice annually, once in Northern and once in Southern California.

Dates and registration information will be available soon through 4H-SET.

More info on the STEMware Project.
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