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The STEMware™ project brings together collaborators in science and education research, teaching, and industry and incorporates an innovative professional and youth development program to create, implement, and evaluate STEM-based “serious game” software.  Scenarios related to modern biology but set in fantasy worlds are developed by educator-student-scientist partners and used to create STEMware™ game-based learning programs.

STEMware™ and supplemental curricula will be distributed to afterschool programs, home computers, and school sites worldwide.


STEMware in the News:

Dateline UC Davis: 3-D Biotech Game Teaches Students

The California Aggie: UC Davis program allows high school students to study biotechnology


Project Partners

Partnership for Biotechnology and Genomics Education, University of California Davis

Science and Society Program, University of California Davis

4H Science, Engineering, and Technology, University of California Berkeley

California Afterschool Network

Center for Education and Evaluation Services,  UC Davis School of Education




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